Manscaping: A How To On Male Grooming

Ok, so if you were into the manscaped or hairless looks from our previous post—having it, figuring out how it’s done, or helping out that special someone—here are some basic methods on how to achieve a nice balance of fur (or no fur <sigh>).Untitled-1

Oh, and while we pretty much focused on the chest (and implied pubic) area in that last post, keep in mind this could apply to balancing your eyebrows, feet/toes, armpits, butt, legs, and back as well…


Not the best option, honestly; in our opinion, at least. Ingrown hairs, anyone? But if you’re gonna go this route:

  • ladies razor,
  • shaving cream,
  • cold water on the body (to open pores), and
  • shave before sleeping (something about circulation and leg swelling; basically you just don’t get a closer shave in the morning)art15880

Sensitive Bits

If you want to leave the top, but shape…go for that. However, you if you want to get a bit more in-depth:

  • Shaft—Think about the appearance of a bit of extra length…
  • Balls—Careful here, gentlemen:
  1. MORE shaving cream,
  2. small strokes, and
  3. clean the razor after each one (stroke, that is).


No scissors; Christ! Invest in decent trimmers with various lengths and experiment. That is all.

Then we suggest performing this action.
Then may we suggest this as the first attempt?


Couple of considerations for this method:

  • Keep a consistent window for waxing (usually 3-4 weeks). Because:
  1. too often fucks up your skin,
  2. too infrequently and you’ll never want to go back, and
  3. you gotta have long enough hair for the wax to stick to.
  • Taking B vitamins? Yeah, you may want to lay off those if you’re considering this. It makes the skin more sensitive to waxing.snf08womfx682_465569a


A less intense version of waxing and you can do it yourself with something like this.

Important notes for this method:

  • Dry skin! Use a talc-free powder beforehand.
  • Keep the skin tight during the removal process.

Or you could just get it done professionally…il_570xN.317810607


Sort of perfect for the manscaping versus smooth option because you can focus pretty specifically on the areas where you don’t want hair. It targets individual follicles for removal (most often used for eyebrows, fingers, toes…versus large areas, but still…). Downside: it’s pretty time-consuming, regardless.

And then you can do intricate work like this...
And then you can do intricate work like this…

Extra Considerations

  • Exfoliation? Helps with each process. Dead skin removal = closer shave and ingrown hair prevention.
  • Lotion. Every. Time. Afterwards.
  • Keep it consistent across the board…or at least try your best. No full beards and hairless bodies, c’mon!

And don’t forget: NOT TOO MUCH! You don’t want to end up completely hairless.sphynx-cat-for-sale-in-pa-hd-info-about-sphynx-kitten-baby-wallpaper-hd

Or maybe you do. Whatever.

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