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Fetish indulgence

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I'll drain you of your dignity, and make you regret ever being born

You know your a faggot, I know your a faggot, if your looking for someone to make you feel all nice n happy inside cause you like to suck dick, forget know what you really want, you want to be humiliated for gagging on your best friends cock. If you want to be treated for exactly what you are (a faggot) then call me, but be warned, when your done talking to'll regret that you ever became a faggot in the first place. You know you want me to make you feel like the piece of shit faggot you are. I will leave you a broken fucking man when I'm done talking to you. Do you have the balls to call me? Probably not...because your a fucking faggot. I am your god now. You will serve me, and I will punish you...and you will not only like will love it...and beg me for more. SERVE ME! This is the same Fag Master Gary that you've heard on the Howard Stern Show destroying people. Come be my next victim.

Man in Uniform, Muscle Man / Body Builder, Macho Man, Master, Professional

Fetish info and support, Sexual trauma & abuse, Sexual harassment, Dom/Sub

Discipline, Humiliation

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2y 8m
Absolutely beat a faggot DOWN today. Put him in his proper fucking place and reminded him the key lesson in life...he is nothing

Did a segment on Howard Stern the other day, and will be on the show again soon, so listen for it bitch!

3y 2m
Had some sissy bitch at my birthday party, got em all drunk and proceeded to deny him any glory and instead make fun of his ass.

3y 3m
Destroyed some sissy bitch fags today. Are you ready to feel my wrath and be the next one to be dominated by me?

3y 3m
My torture chamber is complete. Who will be the first to step inside of it and let me destroy them?

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