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Let's cum together

You need this massive cock, don't you? I promise you, I'm the real deal. I can be submissive, and I can be dominant. Tell me what you are into, and I will make you cum so hard, you will BEG to call me again. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK

Bad Boy, Man in Uniform, Muscle Man / Body Builder, Macho Man, Master

Big Cocks, Sugar Daddy, All Topics, Sexual harassment, Dom/Sub

BDSM, Fetishes, Kinky, Discipline, Foot Play

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Who wants to serve this cock? I'm really horny tonight.

1m 3d
Confess to me... what's your favorite sexual experience? Tell me all about it boy.

1m 4d
Now you can send me gifts!

1m 8d
Bonuses are appreciated. My birthday is coming up, so leave me an extra $20 or so if you enjoy my services. Thank you.

1m 9d
You ready for some hot, horny fun? Let's do this boys.

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