The History Of Adult Phone Chat


You probably would assume that phone sex has been around since the invention of the telephone, but sadly it hasn’t. Many older adults can remember a time when there was only one corded phone in a home they were going up in. The oldest living adults may even remember a time when phone service wasn’t available for home use. I digress; let me illuminate the short history of phone sex. We’ve all done it, whether paying for it or not.

Phone sex as we know it today started in the late 70’s as a marketing ploy when a magazine hired a ballsy and crafty business woman. High Society magazine became the first sex mag to have a female publisher: Gloria Leonard. She was an adult entertainer and porn star from 1977-1991. She was the genius behind the idea of using a voice to get off leading to the invention of phone sex, which at that time were recordings made by her and the models in the magazine.

(She even released a record called “Head Of The Class.” Later she recorded others such as Annie Sprinkle “talking sexy”.) And soon convinced magazine owner Carl Ruderman to purchase more of these numbers, and the business began to be successful using the magazine to promote the service. It was reported that she was getting nearly half a million calls a month, which is a lot for even today’s standards…or standards for anytime in the industries short life.


The first commercial phone sex lines were started around 1980. The process was simple; a caller simply phoned a number advertised in a magazine and gave his credit card number to be verified. The caller would then be transferred by the switchboard to a phone sex operator working in an office cubicle, or he would be called back by an operator who was working out of his or her home. The phone sex industry boomed and expanded in the 80’s and 90’s due to the introduction of the infamous 900 number.

These numbers offered a little variety by simply selecting from a menu of options using a regular touch tone phone. It was possible to select the “type” of operator you spoke to; Doms, Subs, Lesbians, Daddies, Sons, leather, etc. The first Phone Sex Websites to appear on the internet started somewhere around 1994, they were small independent companies, and women with a direct connect call to a girl at home rather than a dispatcher or recorded menu. Payment is done by credit card and calls are billed by the minute typically, or as a block of time. By the year 2000 there was such an explosion on the internet that there were literally hundreds of varying phone sex services available. These services varied from Dispatch Services, Service Bureaus, to independent one girl operations. Competition is fierce and even cut throat on the net – which means many phone sex websites/business will start up and then simply disappear without a trace.


Today we have a fabulous site like to link people who love phone sex with people who love performing as phone sex workers. For a small pay per minute fee you can talk, sext, or email a whole slew of real and sexy men that want nothing more than to make you happy; your perfect partner is waiting!

10 thoughts on “The History Of Adult Phone Chat”

  1. great article….but, I don’t consider myself a phone sex "worker" How could this be work!!!! I love making a connection with my callers, and really getting into their fantasy and then becoming aroused and then pleasuring myself while we talk…

    turning myself on now….lol

  2. Yes that’s why I love talktome…because I love phone sex…what can I say…I am special woman phone flirt!

  3. Wow!! This was very formidable! I never knew how the phone sex thing started!! I really enjoyed this blog!! Thanks!! #Andphonesexwasborn

  4. I agree with Angela. Phone sec is waaay too much fun to be work! I make a real connection with my callers and love to get seriously freaky. We come up with some A-mazing role plays. If this is "work", I’ve definitely got the American Dream going on.

  5. Totally interesting blog. It is amazingly powerful what the inventions of technology has allowed us to do over time. And speaking of, it’s great to know that the business is still thriving and that the advent of the internet hasn’t knocked this industry out. Instead it seemed to have fueled its longevity.

    Sex is great!

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