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Straight God here for fags 2 worship

Profile#690705 Straight God here for fags 2 worship 42 If you are a fag and need to be dominated, I will own you

What's up fags? I am new to TalkToMe but not new to harassing faggots. If you are looking for a nice guy? Look somewhere else. If you are looking for a little twinky 18 year old skater? look somewhere else. If you are looking for someone who is compassionate to gays? You better look somewhere else. I don't care about you at all. I don't give a fuck if you call me or not. To me fags are good for 2 things which are money and getting my nut off. I use gays for these things all the time. I have enough little homos at my gym that I use for money and getting my massive 9 inch cock off with. A little more about me. I am a former Marine who was kicked out of the service for fag bashing. I went to prison for assault because of this little cocksucker. So what I do in prison? I sodomized, humiliated, and blackmailed fags like him and you, so now I am out and ready to use you and your wallet and your holes. If you think you can handle all 6'0 190 lbs and my 9 inch hammer then call me, if not go fuck yourself you piece of shit. I don't go in for all this tech bullshit on this ad, I am all about abuse, verbal. physical, and raping your wallet. That's what I do. I will throat fuck you, fuck your pussy ass, beat the hell out of you, blow my nose on you, make you lick my armpits and my ass, and mind fuck you like you won't believe. SO go ahead that's enough about me pussy, you know what to do asshole, so call me or shut the fuck up

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Average Call Rating: 4.81
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Answered Calls: 59% Answered Messages: 49% Favorited By: 27
Personality Score: 8.62
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My Recent Reviews
  • Covert4ever

    Great call! Very dominating

  • brandoncolgroveyahoocom

    This call was much better than my last experience. The person talking was very dominating and I'm happy to submit. They made the fantasy feel real and I really enjoyed myself.

  • diaperedsissyqueer

    Very hot muscle MASTER!

  • weakfem

    omg omg omgh he was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Recent Posts
  • Straight God here for fags 2 worship

    Friday night, I going out with my boys to get some pussy right now I want to give a lucky fag a chance to suck my dick before

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